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Ejiro Osakede is a woman of many expressions. She’s a Singer, Trainer, Sound Engineer, Voice Over Artist, Podcaster and Show Host.

She is the Founder and Lead Creator at Mixsie Audiobooks, a Sound Production Firm specialised in the production and sale of Audiobooks for and by African authors, with works from notable authors like Edirin Edewor’s Amazon Bestselling book ‘The Productivity Checklist’ and more.

Mixsie Audiobooks Academy, a subsidiary of Mixsie Audiobooks is dedicated to training and certifying Audiobook producers and narrators.

She is the convener of THE BECOMING SUMMIT

My Services

Podcast Setup and Editing

Are you a podcaster or seeking to start a podcast and need help with editing your podcast episodes? I provide editing services for podcasters to help them clean up and produce their episodes...

Audiobook Narration

Are you an African Author? How would you like to reach the segment of your audience who are auditory learners or visually impaired? I can be your plug to them by narrating your book for you...

Authors Narration Coaching

Maybe you are an author who is seeking to increase your brand awareness by stamping your voice to your book but you are not 100% sure of how to start or what to do without having to necessarily...

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Ejiro is incredibly professional, reliable and timely. Working with her has been such a pleasure. Plus she offers advice on the setup process, down to which mics work the best.
Danae Mercer
Host of Talking Out Loud with Danae Mercer Podcast.
As the founder of Women Talk Today UAE, I would like to thank Mrs Ejiro Osakede for her one to one accountability sessions in supporting my goals and raising the profile of the network.
Helen M. Tucker
Founder, Women Talk Today UAE
Ejiro Osakede is a strong and purposeful woman, a true definition of a great leader, a good leader would helps you get to where you dream to be, but a great leader takes you where you don't necessarily want to be but knows is best for you.
Itunu Oke
Lead creative at Dorothy's Writers Hub