There lived an illusionist who invented a process that made sounds that are reproduced come off as authentic. His name was Jack Foley and this art he created is now known as Foley Art deservingly named after him. 

Foley Art is the “reproduction of everyday sound effects that are added in post-production to filmed videos, to enhance the audio quality of the material” (Chalakoski, 2017, para. 4).

There are certain sounds that may not be captured on the filming site, such sounds like a punch, or the rustling of clothes. These and many other sounds are therefore reproduced in the studio by a foley artist. It is amazing how some sounds are created as they have no relation to the actual sound they emit, but therein lies the power of the foley artiste to be able to create a unique sound from a totally unrelated source and matches it with the desired scene. 

(Great big Story, 2017).

It is simply fascinating to be able to create unique sounds all thanks to Jack Foley. It has even become easier to get a library for foley effects so that you don’t have to create them afresh. Nonetheless, creating custom sounds makes it more unique to each project it is used for. 

Some reasons a project will need foley includes the following (Contis, 2019). 

If the sound cannot be produced on set. For instance the splash of blood in a movie, or the cracking sound of someone’s neck being broken. 

If the sound on-set does not have the desired impact, for instance, heavy breathing of an actor. It might be impossible to get the mic close enough to capture the intensity on set, so it has to be reproduced for more effect. 

(Academy Originals, 2016).


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  1. Oh wow! I had always wondered how those sounds were made! Thanks for this insight!

    1. You’re welcome. Glad you find this insightful.

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