Hello guys, so sometime this week in one of the groups I belong to on WhatsApp, a writing coach by the name Zvjezdana gave a writing prompt and I decided to take up the challenge, I must say that I loved it! Below is the prompt she shared.

Writing To Heal♥️

“Writing our Quarantine Covid Stories” 

Write in great detail about seven new realizations you’ve made recently. These should come from outside of your home —— They can be: sights, emotions, learning, sounds, smells, scenes, new people, incidents that you’ve encountered while out in the world yourself — at the grocery store, walking your dog, from media, by observing friends or family — or what you have simply observed through your window. 


Write down what you observed, and why it struck you. Write a paragraph (four or five sentences) for each. 

Here is what I came up with. Enjoy.

There are seven things that I have come to know or should I say come to be more aware of through this COVID season. I am not sure if this will end up inspiring, informing, entertaining or educating in any way, but I will share all the same. 

One, I have come to realize how much of an indoor person I can be. I have fallen so much in love with just being indoors and sitting at my work desk. Not like I am currently employed by another, but I love the idea of being self-employed and working daily on myself. 

Two, I have come to love drinking water. Before the lockdown, I find it pretty hard to just drink water without first having to eat something or being thirsty. But then I started to practice water drinking and now it is part of me, and I can even go half a day on just water and eat just one meal. Does this mean I don’t crave other drinks? I still do and often times even dilute it with water. The good news is now I drink water much more than I used to. 

Three, my typing speed has greatly increased due to the fact that I’ve been on several virtual training and I took it upon myself to be scribe at those training. And because of this, my typing skills have become so much better and faster. And this leads to the next thing. 

Four, I have also become a tad better in listening and grabbing words said faster. How long I am able to remember them still needs some work, but I am fast to hear and write, which means I can then go back to reviewing afterwards. This has also led to me writing a lot. 

Five, I have become more comfortable with journaling. It’s not yet as consistent as I want it to be, but I journal way more than I used to. I also discover that I can be overly descriptive sometimes, which makes my writing often pretty long, for now, I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but I will stay with it and hopefully get better at it as I write more. I have a dream to author a book before the end of 2020 and I truly can’t wait for that to become a reality. 

Six, my walk with God has grown exponentially. This I would say is the highlight of the COVID season. The fact that my time with God is non-negotiable, the fact that I am not boxed to commune with Him in a certain way. I mean had head knowledge of this but now it’s real to me, and I am enjoying His vivid sense of humour and I look forward to moments in a day to just gist with Him and laugh with Him and commune with Him. It’s simply unexplainable the feeling, sometimes I just feel like screaming and a lot of times I just laugh so hard and I am so giddy with excitement. Whew, I can go on and on with this one, but yes, I am grateful for the closeness I feel to Abba – that’s what I call Him now. 

Seven, I have come to appreciate the power of community. Gosh, I have been able to survive this long season without my family (Husband & Son, Mom & Siblings) because of the amazing communities I have plugged myself into. The amount of help and support I have received from the various communities I belong to is simply incredible it sometimes brings me to tears. It is the reason I am committed to adding value any way that I can to every single community I belong to. I have also come to realize how well I fare in communities, it gives me so much joy to help run communities, like if there is a position for a community manager, then I would gladly apply. And I want to thank Helen, the founder of this beautiful community for giving me the opportunity to serve in my little way. 

Thank you Zvjezdana for giving this prompt. I am not sure If I followed the rules completely, but I am glad I gave it a shot. I have never considered myself a writer, but I also fear that whenever I choose to write, whether it’s sending a message or making an announcement, or sharing a thought, it ends up being an epistle and that scares me and makes me shy away from writing. However, I think deep down I actually enjoy writing. I hope that I would do it more often and find a style that works best for me. 

Again thank you and sorry its a little bit long again.

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