“Good, better, best, I shall never rest, until my good is better, until my better best.” (Paraphrased) ~ St. Jerome. 

Hello dear reader, 

It’s been a long time since I last shared a blog post. I must confess that I’ve always told myself that I am not a writer even though I write every day. If not for myself, I do so for others. I guess the real challenge is, I am battling the imposter syndrome. 

I wonder why myself. However, I’ve not been able to shake off the need to put out content. So, I am resuming to write a blog post again for the up-teenth time. I will not attempt to make a promise this time that I will be consistent. I will only say that I will show up here as often as I can. 

I hope that as I go on this journey that I am able to inspire you, inform you, educate you or entertain you. 

What are you good at? Is it speaking, singing, dancing, smiling, connecting or networking? 

Whatever it is, you can be better at it. Yet, the end goal is to be the best at it. There is a BEST in you. However, to bring out that best, there are things that you need to focus on. 

  1. Know yourself – You have got to focus on knowing yourself. Like my coach will always say, you’ve got to be schooled in the university called YOU. Not knowing you or knowing you enough brings about a lot of confusion and crisis. The truth is that people will define you if you don’t define yourself. I’ve been a victim of this and I must say that I am still on the journey to recovery. So, I implore you to spend time knowing you. Know your strengths, your weaknesses, what ticks you off and what gets you energized. As you do this, you set yourself on a path of bringing out the best in yourself. 
  2. Believe in yourself – Yes, this point ties well with the first point. Once you start to know yourself, be quick to start believing in your strengths. You don’t have to wait till you completely know you, cos I doubt you ever will as we are an evolving being and so there are things that we will keep finding out about ourselves as we grow. It is therefore important that we spot our strengths and plug our belief into them so that we can start to work on becoming better. The better we get, the closer we are to becoming the best. 
  3. Be Consistent – This point cannot be overemphasized and it concerns every aspect of our lives. Even with both points mentioned above, we have to be consistent in knowing ourselves by engaging in seasonal reflections as well as seasonal appraisals. We also have to be consistent with believing in ourselves to avoid an evasion by self-doubt. This is because no matter how much we believe in ourselves, there will be those times that we will be doubtful, hence the need to consistently refresh our beliefs in our strengths and ability by practicing positive affirmations. 

I must say here that a part of being consistent is putting in the work required to sharpen your good to better and your better to best. 

Do let me know if you found this valuable and which of these points you will be working on in order to bring out the best in what you do. 

For me, point no 3 it is. I’ve got to be diligently consistent in sharpening my skills, believing in me, and knowing me better. 

Till you read from me again and hopefully till I read from you too, keep being amazing and always remember that there is a BEST in you. 

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