If you’re extra and you know it say Aye!!!

Not many come to terms with their “extraness”. And I must confess it took time for me too. I was conditioned to keep calm, be quiet, don’t do this, don’t do that. And a naturally confident child grew up into a timid young adult and only just started reconnecting to her inner power.

The journey to reconnect is not an easy or smooth one, but it is worth the fight. It is worth the push because in the end we only live once so why live a life that’s not yours?

I’m not sure who this is for, but I want to encourage you to keep up the fight to reconnect to your true essence. It won’t be easy cos you will face both internal and external resistance. But let me tell you this, PLEASE FOCUS ON WINNING THE INTERNAL BATTLE. That’s where the true victory resides. Once that battle is won in your mind and in your soul, it will only take time for the manifestation on the outside.

So keep fighting because the victory is already yours.

I love you but God loves you way more.


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