Have you ever experienced a creative block? How did you navigate it? You see myself and my co-host on The Afrocentrist Podcast (TAP) encountered what we termed creative block. We were due to record a new episode of our podcast but could not make it for the time we slated and that kind of disorganized our plan for the week and we found ourselves blank on the new time we fixed to record.

However, we decided to flip it. We came clean, sharing with you how we couldn’t come up with a pre-planned content but it turned out that we were able to share from this experience possible lessons that you can glean from. I do hope that it is worth your while.

Tell me, what do you think? Have you been in such situation before? How did you navigate it? Do you think we did justice to our situation? What would you have done in our shoes? I’d really love to read from you so drop a comment below.

Watch the episode too.

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