So I had a super-duper amazing weekend with @johnobidi and other great minds at the Online Business Weekend. And in one weekend we all watched a brand set up from scratch. From idea to implementation. And it was such a delightful experience. The exposure to amazing digital tools which you might no find unless you stumble on them (This really brought the concept of standing on the shoulders of those who have gone ahead). Daddy JO left no stone unturned, we were all screaming wow wow wow like ambulances as we watched the magic unfold. But guess what as awesome as the hands-on processes showed to us were, the best part of the Bootcamp was the side chats we got to enjoy. 

If you know anything about @Johnobidi you would know he does not mince words, he says it as you need to hear it. To be honest, when I first started listening to JO teach, it felt really uncomfortable like who is this one sef that is so arrogant and full of himself. But I’m glad I stayed for a bit longer to really know what made him thick. Yoh guys, this is not even hype, JO is a genius in his class. And the best part is he knows it and owns it and that is the one that trips me. How dare he know his power and own it so elegantly. While I’m here forming fake humility. Actually, it’s not humility at all, I’ve had it all wrong, allowing myself to be naive, letting others take advantage of me because I want to be ‘modest’. I learnt something valuable and it changed the way I see the world. Everyone has an EDGE. Discovering, owning, sharpening and using that edge makes all the difference in a person’s life. 

Well, I have a lot of stories to share someday in the future of how God keeps bringing people my way who would knock some sense into me and I will still go back and recoil when the sense is too much because I don’t want to be seen as follow follow. However the truth is, like Romance 8:28 reads in TPT translations (another revelation from my time in class at SPIN with @drsamekundayo) –  “So we are convinced that every detail of our lives is continually woven together for good,[a] for we are his lovers who have been called to fulfil his designed purpose”. I am now convinced that my association with the great minds around me is not for show or for ‘famzing’. There is something that I carry that needs to be sharpened through coming in contact with these great minds and I will keep sharpening it. 

So, I am not sure if there is one moral to this story. You are at liberty to pick something that jumps at you. But for this particular write up, I wanted to let you know that OWB was the bomb and you should pay attention to the next time it will be held. I’m not sure when, but you need to follow @johnobidi and join Headstart Africa on FB and attend Night School so that you can be in the know. 

Let me go and continue my sharpening. Talk to you soon and keep your light shining. 

Yours in growth 

Ejiro Osakede 

Energetic EJ. 

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