At the ongoing Employability Summit put together by FindBlackExperts one of the speakers for day 2 – Nina Olatoke told a story of how she took a course in Harvard Business School and how that experience impacted her network. She told this story in answer to the question of one of the participants (let’s call her Sasha) who asked for advice as she was contemplating enrolling for a PhD. 

Nina further explained by giving this analogy. Let’s say Sasha chose to go for her PhD in just about any good university and it costs about $15,000 and will last about 18months. What if she decided to search out short courses from top institutions like Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, MIT and the likes? For the same amount but let’s say for a week program. The calibre of coursemates and connections she would make cannot be the same with taking the course in just any university. Also, the time involved in both scenarios is not the same. 

In the same way, in the real world, it is possible to get access to the right kind of network that you desire by paying in cash or in time. The choice is absolutely yours. And neither way is bad on its own, however, you have to weigh your options. If Sasha was 20yrs old when she decides to go for the PhD then it might make a lot of sense to go for the 18months course, cos it gives her time to experience the world and build strong relationships as well. However, if Sasha is in her 30s and already has work experience, it might be a better investment to go for a one week course than an 18month course. 

The Employability Summit is still on all the way to Sunday and you can still sign up for FREE. I will be moderating the sessions today so this is my special and personal invitation to you. Check the flyers for details and also the link to register. 

Why am I sharing this with you? The two times that I have been in close proximity with Les Brown, it was made possible because of my proximity with Dr Stephen Akintayo. There are certain privileges that you enjoy when you have the right connections. 

In my last blog post, I shared with you my conversation with Les Brown if you missed it you can read it HERE. I mentioned that the next masterclass will have Robert Kiyosaki as a speaker. Well, I’ve got good news for you, not only is Robert Kiyosaki going to be teaching, we are having Les Brown again. Do you know the saying opportunity comes but once? Sometimes we get the fortune to experience an opportunity a second time and if you read my initial blog and went, oh no, I wish I was there. Well, no need to wish again. You can be there this time to be in the same space with two living legends of our time. 

Seriously I don’t know what excuse you might have, but I need you to shut it down right now and do all you can to register for this masterclass. 

See flyer and link below. 

I will close with this story. I was on my WhatsApp status when I saw an ex-colleague sharing that motivational speakers should stop deceiving people that they started a business with N1000 or $10 and now grown to be billionaires so they are asking people to buy their books. He mentioned that instead of people spending N10,000 = $19 on a book they should invest it in their business. I replied to him that I totally disagree. Especially because it has to do with a book. So many secrets are hidden in books. In one of my masterminds, we are reading THINK & GROW RICH and I kid you not, that book is a manual. 

So don’t let anyone stop you from gaining knowledge. I understand if you are not financially capable at a point, but that is not an excuse to snigger on knowledge and say it’s all a lie. Seek knowledge and apply it to get wisdom. The book of proverbs already gave this formula but we are sitting on it. And I love the way The Passion Translation puts it 

Wisdom is the most valuable commodity—so buy it! Revelation-knowledge is what you need—so invest in it!

Prov 4:7

Both buying and investing will cost you something- Money or Time. Choose ye, which one works for your peculiar situation. 

Once again grab the discount offer now and register for The Billionaire Masterclass with Dr Stephen Akintayo, Featuring Robert Kiyosaki and Les Brown. 

Success leaves clues – Tony Robbins 

To your continuous growth. 

Ejiro Osakede 

The Energetic EJ. 

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