Welcome to the second half of 2021

A hearty congratulations to you for making it to the second half of 2021. Just pause, take a deep breath, now close your eyes and reflect on how far you have come this year. Like one of my coaches asked yesterday, rate yourself based on the actions that you have taken this year towards your desired goals. Not your results, but your activities. And when I did that, I realize how much work I have put in to see my goals and dreams come alive. It made being grateful much easier and more genuine.

In the bid for us to get results, sometimes we forget that no matter how desperate and dedicated we are, some things will still go through a process and it’s due cause to get us the results we want. Imagine a woman whose goal is to have a baby this year, her end result is a baby, but even if she got pregnant in January, she will only be 7months gone by now and the journey continues till she safely delivers her baby.

The same goes for us, let’s count our blessings in terms of the work we have put into our goals this year. And it will surprise us how much progress we have made. If for some reason you have not been able to take many actions or you’re not happy about your actions so far, don’t despair, retrace your steps, recommit to yourself, rev up your determination and intentionality and give it another shot this second half. And my prayer for you is that all things will work together for you, that the lines will fall in pleasant places for you, that your results will be too tangible to ignore at the end of this year.

So with Joy and a high expectation, I welcome you to the second half of 2021 and I wish you a happy July.
With lots of love and appreciation
Ejiro Osakede (Energetic EJ).

Challenges will never cease to exist.

If there is one thing I have learned in the little time that I have been on Mother Earth, it is the fact that challenges will never cease to exist. And no matter how figured out we seem, there will always be an area where we struggle or don’t have it all together. 

So, I have resolve, never to allow the challenges I face to stop me from doing the things that I feel and sometimes convinced that I am called to do. 

I use the word feel because its not every time that I am super sure of what I am doing. But once I am unable to push a feeling of an idea off my head and heart I go with it and act on it, knowing that even if its not what I am meant to do, It will turn out to be a learning curve for me. It will either teach me something about myself or something about others or just something about life generally. 

And oh, for the times that I am convinced without doubt, there is no given, even if my world is upside down I will still go ahead with it because the fulfillment that comes with it is simply priceless. 

So, what is my encouragement for you today? You are not alone. You are not the only one with bills to pay, you are not the only one who doesn’t have life figured out, you are not the only one who isn’t happy with the level of results that you are churning out. You are not the only one who is not happy with the state of your finance, relationships and peace of mind. 

One thing is certain though, it will come to pass. And if you still and wait for it to pass without going ahead to do the things that calls to your soul, you would have experienced double waste. A waste of the experience you would have had should you have gone ahead to do what you need to do regardless of the challenges, and a waste of time that you may never be able to regain. Because just when you heave a sign of relief that one phase of challenge is over, you step into another one seamlessly. 

So, let no challenge stop you from being who you were created and meant to be. Act on that idea, put your best to make that relationship work (if it ends up not working, the work you put into it would have at the least changed you and your perspective about life). 

I do hope that you find this helpful and encouraging. 

I love you, but remember that God loves you way more. 


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TRUE CONFESSION – Flipping unpleasant situations in your favor.

Have you ever experienced a creative block? How did you navigate it? You see myself and my co-host on The Afrocentrist Podcast (TAP) encountered what we termed creative block. We were due to record a new episode of our podcast but could not make it for the time we slated and that kind of disorganized our plan for the week and we found ourselves blank on the new time we fixed to record.

However, we decided to flip it. We came clean, sharing with you how we couldn’t come up with a pre-planned content but it turned out that we were able to share from this experience possible lessons that you can glean from. I do hope that it is worth your while.

Tell me, what do you think? Have you been in such situation before? How did you navigate it? Do you think we did justice to our situation? What would you have done in our shoes? I’d really love to read from you so drop a comment below.

Watch the episode too.

If you’re EXTRA and you know it, Say Aye!!!

If you’re extra and you know it say Aye!!!

Not many come to terms with their “extraness”. And I must confess it took time for me too. I was conditioned to keep calm, be quiet, don’t do this, don’t do that. And a naturally confident child grew up into a timid young adult and only just started reconnecting to her inner power.

The journey to reconnect is not an easy or smooth one, but it is worth the fight. It is worth the push because in the end we only live once so why live a life that’s not yours?

I’m not sure who this is for, but I want to encourage you to keep up the fight to reconnect to your true essence. It won’t be easy cos you will face both internal and external resistance. But let me tell you this, PLEASE FOCUS ON WINNING THE INTERNAL BATTLE. That’s where the true victory resides. Once that battle is won in your mind and in your soul, it will only take time for the manifestation on the outside.

So keep fighting because the victory is already yours.

I love you but God loves you way more.


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Good, Better, Best.- There is a BEST in you.

“Good, better, best, I shall never rest, until my good is better, until my better best.” (Paraphrased) ~ St. Jerome. 

Hello dear reader, 

It’s been a long time since I last shared a blog post. I must confess that I’ve always told myself that I am not a writer even though I write every day. If not for myself, I do so for others. I guess the real challenge is, I am battling the imposter syndrome. 

I wonder why myself. However, I’ve not been able to shake off the need to put out content. So, I am resuming to write a blog post again for the up-teenth time. I will not attempt to make a promise this time that I will be consistent. I will only say that I will show up here as often as I can. 

I hope that as I go on this journey that I am able to inspire you, inform you, educate you or entertain you. 

What are you good at? Is it speaking, singing, dancing, smiling, connecting or networking? 

Whatever it is, you can be better at it. Yet, the end goal is to be the best at it. There is a BEST in you. However, to bring out that best, there are things that you need to focus on. 

  1. Know yourself – You have got to focus on knowing yourself. Like my coach will always say, you’ve got to be schooled in the university called YOU. Not knowing you or knowing you enough brings about a lot of confusion and crisis. The truth is that people will define you if you don’t define yourself. I’ve been a victim of this and I must say that I am still on the journey to recovery. So, I implore you to spend time knowing you. Know your strengths, your weaknesses, what ticks you off and what gets you energized. As you do this, you set yourself on a path of bringing out the best in yourself. 
  2. Believe in yourself – Yes, this point ties well with the first point. Once you start to know yourself, be quick to start believing in your strengths. You don’t have to wait till you completely know you, cos I doubt you ever will as we are an evolving being and so there are things that we will keep finding out about ourselves as we grow. It is therefore important that we spot our strengths and plug our belief into them so that we can start to work on becoming better. The better we get, the closer we are to becoming the best. 
  3. Be Consistent – This point cannot be overemphasized and it concerns every aspect of our lives. Even with both points mentioned above, we have to be consistent in knowing ourselves by engaging in seasonal reflections as well as seasonal appraisals. We also have to be consistent with believing in ourselves to avoid an evasion by self-doubt. This is because no matter how much we believe in ourselves, there will be those times that we will be doubtful, hence the need to consistently refresh our beliefs in our strengths and ability by practicing positive affirmations. 

I must say here that a part of being consistent is putting in the work required to sharpen your good to better and your better to best. 

Do let me know if you found this valuable and which of these points you will be working on in order to bring out the best in what you do. 

For me, point no 3 it is. I’ve got to be diligently consistent in sharpening my skills, believing in me, and knowing me better. 

Till you read from me again and hopefully till I read from you too, keep being amazing and always remember that there is a BEST in you. 

Life is a Marathon.

Life is a Marathon Not a Sprint! This phrase has been dancing in my head for a while now. And the more I meditate on it the more insight I am getting from it.

According to Wikipedia, “The marathon is a long-distance race with an official distance of 42.195 kilometres (26 miles 385 yards), usually run as a road race. The event was instituted in commemoration of the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens, who reported the victory. The marathon can be completed by running or with a run/walk strategy. There are also wheelchair divisions.”

Now let’s look at this last sentence “…The marathon can be completed by running or with a run/walk strategy. There are also wheelchair divisions.”

1. Life can be complete with a run-walk strategy. This to me re-enforces the fact that life is in ups and downs. Or you could say in seasons. There are the seasons of life where we are on the run, running to achieve our goals, running to let go of things that are not working, running to run our families and business. And at other seasons, we are walking. I reckon that this is the season where we are a bit tired, we are not stopping but we are taking it slow, re-strategizing, recalibrating, gathering some energy and momentum for the next round of run.

2. Life also has wheelchair divisions. This to me is when life has hit us hard and wounded us so much that we feel handicapped in some areas of our lives. Yet, we are not completely disqualified from the marathon called life, cos even on our wheelchairs we can still participate, we can still run, we can still compete. Compete with ourselves to birth our goals, to birth our dreams and to make our lives count.

Wikipedia also mentioned that most of the athletes who participate in a marathon are recreational athletes. My take from this is that to truly enjoy this marathon called life, there has to be an infusion of fun to everything that we do.

In the story about Greek soldier Pheidippides, it was recorded that he ran non stop from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens and by the time he got to the assembly in Athens to announce the defeat of the Persians. He collapsed and died.

Therefore, this goes to say in life, if we keep running non stop, not resting, not having fun, then there is every possibility that the race might come to an end abruptly. Which is why it is important to try to find a balance between work and life.

Another lesson for me here is that when we see life as a marathon then we are able to practice delayed gratification. Why? Because a marathon is not an endless run, and even though life in its totality is a marathon, marathons have seasons and timings, which means the races in our lives are seasonal and as long as we know that for the season that we are in we would get to our destination, then it becomes easy for us to focus on the race at hand till it’s finished before starting another one.

What I am saying is this

1. You are on a marathon, not a sprint, a marathon demands that you conserve your strength in a way that you are able to finish the race well.

2. To run a marathon successfully you need to train, otherwise, you might end up collapsing.

3. To train properly you need a coach, someone who has gone the distance and can tell or show you tips and tricks on how to start the race slowly but steadily and use your conserved energy towards the end of your race.

4. A marathon is a test of your endurance, how long can you run for and keep running till you get to the finish line?

5. A marathon allows for a run/walk strategy. You can’t compare your race to that of others because your stamina isn’t the same with theirs, but that does not mean you cannot finish your race.

6. Even when life has hit you hard and left you broken or handicapped in some way, you still have a racing chance and you can still make the race count even if it means having it on your wheelchair.

I do hope that you would take life slowly but surely, fixing your gaze on the finish line and on the next race and remembering that you are on your own lane and your finish line is yours for the take if you would just run with the strategy that works for you per season.

If this has been valuable to you, please drop a comment and do share. God bless you. You can connect with me via Instagram on www.instagram.com/ejiroosakede


To prepare for the class ahead, I read through the online lecture and recommended reading. This gave me some insight into the topic of poststructuralism. I found exploring multiple sources for better understanding quite helpful. To better understand what poststructuralism is, I had to know what structuralism is. By my understanding, structuralism was a culturally accepted way of giving meaning to media text. It was the arbitral relationship between signifiers and signified. Structuralism shares the notion that “everything we see is a sign and ‘carries’ a meaning” (Mcdougall, 2012, p.18). Conversely, poststructuralism deviates from this notion and argues that how we give meaning to text “should be a reflection drawn by an individual rather than a generally assigned meaning from the top down” (Bennet, 2005, p. 46). 

I particularly enjoyed watching Animating Poststructuralism by Christopher Bolton on youtube. Especially the part where it said, “Poststructuralism is a suspicion of the concise definition” (7:25-7:30). This explains one for the radical ideas that poststructuralism presents as mentioned in the online lesson; that ‘every text has multiple meanings and all meaning is able to be contested’. The thought of this idea poses a challenge to me as a student and eventually a practitioner in the creative media industry, in that whatever I create can easily be subject to various meanings. I am aware that we see and understand life differently but at the same time, I have a specific message in mind whenever I create a media text and knowing that my meaning to this text can easily be lost in a poststructuralist world is a bit daunting. 

I must say that this has been a tasking journey because some of the text was somewhat challenging to understand at first read, but then it has challenged me to look into multiple sources for better understanding. What I will do better with subsequent classes is to read beyond the online lessons and recommended text and have a variety of sources to learn from. For the coming week, I will also be focusing on research into subcultures in relation to postmodernism. 


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McDougall, J. (2012). Media studies. London [u.a.]: Routledge, p.18.

The mainstream

I have not as much used the term “that is so mainstream” but i definitely must have implied it when I find something or a practice very popular. For instance when fashion styles are in vogue, or when a pop song is making waves. So before this class I would have used the word popular rather than mainstream. After going through this class though, now I know the right term to use is mainstream. However, mainstream is way beyond what is acceptable by most people. Some examples of mainstream given in the online lectures include; mainstream medicine, education or science. 

In the sense that mainstream might not be just about what most people accept or what is conventional, mainstream can also be associated with best practices in a certain field. This is however not to say that these “best practices” are actually the best ways of getting results as far as these industries are concerned. For instance, in the Audio production industry the mainstream software to use is Pro-Tools as it is considered the industry standard. But a lot of great music producers don’t necessarily use this software to produce award winning tracks. 

So, in answering this question “As creative practitioners and consumers, is mainstream always a model for best practice? Or is it an attribution and/or judgement of cultural value?” My answer would be that it is a mix of both, because in some cases it is a model for best practices. Take for instance in audio production, the more mics you use in recording a sound the more complicated the recording process is as well as the mixing process, the same goes for applying effects on a track when mixing, if too much compression is applied to a track it loses its dynamics and becomes pointless. 

On the other hand, we could say that this practice is an attribution to cultural value because a significant number of renowned producers have applied this process to their work flow and came out with excellent results which in turn made it like a rule of thumb for other producers to go by. This is not to say that excellent results cannot be achieved should one choose to attempt a different route as it is also generally believed that if it sounds good, then it is good. 

I believe that the mainstream can be positive or negative depending on how one sees it. I would probably use the mainstream as a yardstick to measure the quality of a work I am creating either to go with how mainstream sound or choose to go in the opposite direction. The point remains that the mainstream gives me a reference point to work with. 


Cover Image [image]. Retreived from http://breakfastatbridgets.blogspot.com/2017/01/are-you-mainstream.html


According to the Oxford dictionary online, Aesthetics is defined as “a set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. Also, the branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste.” (google.com). I find this the easiest definition to grasp. However, there are several aspects to the concept of Aesthetics. As a branch of philosophy, it deals with Metaphysics, Epistemology and Axiology. 

To be honest I am trying my best to understand this topic enough to be able to relate it in my own words but I am not breaking through. If I understand anything I have read and watched so far; from the online lessons to the recommended reading and other resources I have read and watched. Aesthetics is such a difficult topic to define. I basically just understand it to the point that it is how we interpret beauty or art. 

I do not know if I am having a mental block at the moment which is making my CIU unit difficult for me to understand or if the challenge is that I am not studying correctly or that I lack the ability to brainstorm and reflect. The bottom line is I am struggling through this unit and It is draining me. 

As hard as this whole process is, I plan to keep reading and keep trying my best to process and understand the content of this unit.


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