Purpose Statement

I am an energetic being who loves to pass on positive vibes to those I meet, especially to those seeking to stay motivated on their journey to purpose. Those who need someone to lovingly but firmly hold them accountable to actions they have committed to take to smash their goals. I do this for God and humanity. Working with me infiltrates energy that keeps you going and helps you stay aligned with your goals and life’s mission.

Speaker Profile

Ejiro Osakede is a woman of many expressions. She’s a Singer, Trainer, Sound Engineer, Voice Over Artist, Podcaster and Show Host.

She is the Founder and Lead Creator at Mixsie Audiobooks, a Sound Production Firm specialised in the production and sale of Audiobooks for and by African authors, with works from notable authors like Edirin Edewor’s Amazon Bestselling book ‘The Productivity Checklist’ and more.

Mixsie Audiobooks Academy, a subsidiary of Mixsie Audiobooks is dedicated to training and certifying Audiobook producers and narrators.

She is the convener of THE BECOMING SUMMIT – an initiative created for the celebration of women and their joy, hosting women leaders across industries and countries, and has reached Africa, Europe and Asia, spanning several countries across these continents.

Ejiro is a Master Storyteller and her Podcast, ‘The Afrocentrist Podcast’ focuses on sharing content that speaks to self-improvement and self-development, helping people find their voices, tell their stories and spread the message of hope.

She is a wife, mother and mentor to young women around the world.


To inspire everyone I come in contact with, to be and do more.