Project for Mixsiefunbooks

Excerpt of an audiobook. Recorded, edited and mixed by me.
Full book on MIXSIE APP in play store.

Managed the sounds at the Women Leaders in Sports & Health event in Abu Dhabi on the 24th of November 2019.

Nomad event

Prolight & Sounds Event

Collaboration with film students for a short film titled Tip of my tongue.

ADR collaboration with Sai Roshini.

Group Project with Kiran, Vasi and Raihan.

Our project was to create ADR for a two-minute clip from the movie THE WATCHMEN. On this project, Kiran scored the amazing soundtrack you hear in the background. Vasi was in charge of sound effect and foley, Raihan was the voice of Dr Manhathan, I did the one-liner dialogue of the lady in the clip and also recorded the dialogues. My friend Jay helped out with the dialogue for the newscaster and the father of young John ( Dr Manhathan). Initial mix by Vasi, Kiran and myself and final mix by Vasi and Kiran. All supervised by Andrew J. Ward. I hope you enjoy it.

Assisted with set up and recording of several interviews for Dashboard with Ojay.

Recording Belly Harding to a backing track and also dropped my vocals on the track.

Studio Shenanigans

Collaboration with Nikhil and Nabendu in a short film titled “Concern”.

Audiobook group project.

“A bus ride becomes a fight for dear life. What do you do when you find yourself between a rock and a hard place? Do you give up or cling to hope? Find out how Shalom fares when her interstate trip back to school goes horribly wrong.”

Written by Ann Esievoadje

Produced for Mixsie Audiobook

Audio Credits – Foley & SFX – Vasi, Music Score – Kiran, OST – Raihan, Recording – Ejiro, Narration – Ejiro, Male Voices – Obi, Jon, Jones. Mixed by Vasi & Kiran.

The complete story will be available on the Mixsie App soon.

Troubled Horizon written by Ann Esievoadje

Studio one in Pictures.