My Services

Podcast Setup and Editing

Are you a podcaster or seeking to start a podcast and need help with editing your podcast episodes? I provide editing services for podcasters to help them clean up and produce their episodes which includes combining the segments to allow for a smooth flow of your show. Also, EQ, Mixing and Mastering to deliver a crisp sound and an enjoyable experience for your listeners.

Audiobook Narration

Are you an African Author? How would you like to reach the segment of your audience who are auditory learners or visually impaired? I can be your plug to them by narrating your book for you.

Audiobook Edition

Do you have an audiobook recorded and in need of an editor? I provide audiobook editing services.

Audiobook Production

This is a total package. From helping with selecting a narrator if my voice is not a fit, to recording, editing, mixing and mastering. I can also make that happen for you.

Authors Narration Coaching

Maybe you are an author who is seeking to increase your brand awareness by stamping your voice to your book but you are not 100% sure of how to start or what to do without having to necessarily break the bank, I can coach you to help you achieve this goal of narrating your audiobook.

Audio Affirmation Production

Affirmations are now quite popular and very important to our wellbeing and positive mindedness. Do you have your affirmation scribbled down? Do you understand the power of audio/sound? Would you love to hear yourself or someone say out your affirmations while you listen as you drive or run or do your house chores all the while speaking life to your subconscious? Then let me help you jazz up your affirmations in such a way that you would be excited to keep it on replay.


Do you manage an online/offline community with members who need to learn a thing or two about Podcasting, Audiobook Narration and Production? You can contact me to come train with them.


Are you hosting an event (Especially Virtual) and in need of speakers? I can speak to topics in the following areas ( Self Improvement, Authenticity, Making Impact, Serving your way up).

Clarity Call Session

I am a great listener and as much as I cannot take credit for knowing it all, I am a strong believer of these sayings that “two heads are better than one” and “A problem shared is half solved”. So we can book a clarity session. Let's talk through what is on your mind and we can together come up with a roadmap to help you get to your next level.

Virtual Event Hosting

I am not called the Energetic EJ for fun, I literally inject positive energy into your events. So if you are looking for a lively and fun virtual host, I definitely am your plug and I will love to bless you and your audience with this super positive energy that I am gifted with.

Virtual Event Management

Do you have a message burning in your heart that you want to share with the world? Do you find it a daunting task to handle virtual platforms, or not sure how to design your virtual event? Do you need a virtual event planner who can assist with ideation, preparation, running and coordinating your virtual event? Then you can reach out to me.

Accountability Coaching

If you observe that you often set goals and don’t follow through easily but convinced that having someone to keep you accountable will help you in achieving those goals? Then let me be your accountability coach.