Ejiro is incredibly professional, reliable and timely. Working with her has been such a pleasure. Plus she offers advice on the setup process, down to which mics work the best.
Danae Mercer
Host of Talking Out Loud with Danae Mercer Podcast
Ejiro is phenomenal at what she does. She converted my book titled, ’10 Golden Rules For Aspiring Authors' into an audiobook. It was absolutely incredible, the pitch was nothing but amazing...I will recommend her service to authors who wish to have audiobook versions of their work.
Dr. Deji Yusuf
CEO of Write for Gold, Scars2Stars Initiative

Ejiro Osakede is a strong and purposeful woman, a true definition of a great leader, a good leader would helps you get to where you dream to be, but a great leader takes you where you don't necessarily want to be but knows is best for you.

If I'll let you taste a tip of the iceberg, this would bring me to when I opened my blog, it has been opened for weeks but was empty, I didn't even know what was keeping me when I least expected it, she requested how she could be of help to me, Imagine!, I told her I needed help, but with what exactly? I didn't know, but because of the smart person she is she knew I needed a push and gave me exactly that, she was so timely, so great! Guess what! I'm getting there, all thanks to her benignity, my blog is sprouting.

Itunu Oke
Lead creative at Dorothy's Writers Hub

EJ, you helped open my mind to talents I had but didn't think much of. You are an ever-patient friend, teacher, guide and mentor; everything in one package. You are skilled in helping bring out the best in people.

You encouraged with the AOP training, kiddie blogging on your platform and now profiting during this COVID-19 period and beyond. I have lost count of all the advice, support and encouragements. I am so blessed to learn from you, your life skill and wisdom is just amazing.

Thank you for being who you are.

Oluwatosin Ademola
Teacher & Business Woman

As the founder of Women Talk Today UAE, I would like to thank Mrs Ejiro Osakede for her one to one accountability sessions in supporting my goals and raising the profile of the network. Mrs Osakede's guidance and regular sessions on how Women Talk Today can grow and make an impact on a global level has been a game-changer. I now know how we can encourage and engage with women with the use of a variety of social media platforms and personal connections.

I am pleased to say my targets have been exceeded, to date we have achieved over 10,000 views of our social media platforms, developed an exciting marketing campaign to enable women to be connected via our WhatsApp community, by women from all over the globe. Women are now involved in our retreats, virtual events and my personal goal of being involved in high profile events in the UAE have been achieved.

I have found Ejiro to be very personable, inspiring and encouraging, allowing me to expand my vision and achieve personal and organisational goals. She is undoubtedly a person willing to give over and above what is required as an accountability expert implementing the most up to date techniques and methods to help someone achieve their short-term targets and solidify long term goals. This is especially important as I wanted and now can compete on an international level.

Mrs Ejiro Osakede is diligent, motivational and self-motivating, hardworking extremely professional in her manner and character. It was and is a pleasure to be working with someone who truly understands your business!

Helen M. Tucker
Founder, Women Talk Today, UAE